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Beyond alarm systems, we at McGruer Agencies Ltd offer a number of other services and systems that can help protect your loved ones, and property. Our technicians also specialize in installing and maintaining; Camera Systems, Loss Prevention Systems, and Personal Emergency Response Systems.

At McGruer Agencies Ltd are also able to provide certificates of alarm for any system that we install, that can be used for insurance purposes, should the need arise.


All of our alarm systems are monitored by Armstrong Communications, a Canadian based and owned monitoring company with two monitoring stations, one in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, and a fully bilingual station based in Moncton. The operators at Armstrong Communications are highly trained, professional, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safety of both your building and loved ones. For over fifteen years we at McGruer Agencies Ltd have been partners in service with Armstrong Communications and there is simply no other company that can match the quality of their service, or the knowledge of their operators.

Our systems are capable of communication with the monitoring station via either home phone line, cell phone signal, or over the internet. This gives our alarm systems the capacity to be highly adaptable, with the ability to be installed in any location to best suit the unique status and layout of your building.


At McGruer Agencies Ltd our over 30 years of experience in this industry has allowed our technicians to become extremely familiar with the wide range of alarm systems available in the market. Our expertise is simply unmatched by our competitors. When it comes to new alarm system installations we as a company prefer to install tried and tested technology that has set the standard in the industry for years. This allows your system to be rugged, adaptable, and reliable, utilizing proven techniques and devices that won’t leave your system orphaned by the whims of changing technology. At McGruer Agencies Ltd we take our professionalism the extra mile. For us there is nothing more important than guaranteeing each of our client’s satisfaction with our work. That is why our technicians are well trained and skilled in wiring, panting and finishing work, enabling them to quickly install any of our systems in any work site with minimum disruption to your building, leaving it in pristine condition when they finish. Our alarm systems also have the ability to be partially, or entirely wireless, enabling us to install a dependable alarm system in any home, with minimal installation time and mess.


When it come to your home or business, your protection and your sense of safety is our most important priority, and sometimes an alarm system is simply not enough for your needs. This is why McGruer Agencies Ltd has also set the standard for installing and maintaining camera systems.

Our installation technicians use only the highest quality camera for use in any location in your home or business, inside or out. Our cameras are easy to install in any location and are rugged enough to survive in any environment, whether its our hot and humid summers, or our cold and frozen winters.

Our cameras also provide a high quality image with top tier resolution, high range zoom, image focusing, and top of the line night vision. Our cameras are well suited for any daytime or nighttime use are the perfect addition to any alarm system to give you the best available coverage for your home.

System Servicing

At McGruer Agencies Ltd, we pride ourselves on being second to none for the quality and reliability of our alarm and camera installations. However, over time, even the most reliable technology is prone to faults, and costumers needs change. This is why we at McGruer Agencies Ltd also provide the best available service for your alarm system. Whether its maintaining a system installed 30 years ago, or one utilizing brand new technology, our technicians have the skills to properly service any system, no matter its installation date or model of manufacture. The products we use are highly adaptable and rugged, allowing our technicians to easily repair or replace any part on any system. Our technicians are highly skilled, capable of finding solutions to any problem that might arise with your alarm or camera system, all the while causing minimal disruption to your home or business.

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